Well Said, Mr. Dawkins




March 8, 2013 · 3:57 pm

2 responses to “Well Said, Mr. Dawkins

  1. It’s such a ridiculous crock.

  2. Ben

    I do like this quote, but I also find it lacking some punch. Another aspect to the problem of God v. good is how do we know what is good? The godly have one answer (actually, they have various answers!). How do atheists decide what is actually good? There are so many morally ambiguous questions: abortion, gay marriage, polyamory, lethal force in defense of yourself or others, lethal force in service to your country, gender roles in society, veganism v omnivory. The list is endless.

    Now I would argue that removing God from the discussion leads to a better understanding of the issues and tradeoffs in each of these situations. In particular it would allow the flexibility to say (quite easily) that today the good and moral choice is this, but in the future (or in the past) the conditions may be different, so the good and moral choice may change.

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