Open Mic Night 2: The Future of Atheism Plus

This is my second installment of Open Mic Night.  Today’s discussion is about the future of atheism plus.  What are your thoughts about its future?

I don’t have much of a feel for the overall popularity in the atheist community, although my suspicion is that most do not support it, but maybe I am reading the wrong blogs.  I have seen very little in support outside FtB.

So where is it headed?  Will it be a fly-by-night idea?  Will it become the “third wave” of atheism, as Jen McCreight put it?  Will it be a self-sustaining subgroup within atheism?

Also, if you think it will last, what will be necessary to achieve long-term success?  If you think it will fail, what will be its downfall?



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7 responses to “Open Mic Night 2: The Future of Atheism Plus

  1. It will fail, already is. Atheism is not a world view. Jen et al are suggesting that Atheism should be a world view that looks impossibly like militant feminists are trying to redefine the word atheism. There is and will be a lot of push back on that. I will continue to push back on that. Their little group is exclusionary, elitist, and negatively critical of everyone who is not like them. They have even blocked or banned those who support them simply because they didn’t agree with all of Jen’s dogma.

    Can it be successful? Sure, the KKK is still around, and the WBC doesn’t look like it will go away soon either. Existence is not a sufficient indicator of need for existence or even of relevance. Natural disasters happen all the time even though we’d like them to not happen or be able to get everyone away from them so they do no harm. So, sure, atheism plus might survive. Should they? Does anyone really want them to?

    • I agree with all of your comments. It will probably survive as a small group. Eventually the controversy will end, as will the bickering and mockery, and it will be all but forgotten.

      It’s funny…I’m trying to given them a shot. I’ve been to their site a couple times, been to reddit, and have read some of the FTBs, and it’s just garbage. The anger, name-calling, and quick-trigger attacks and banning is just outrageous. Being that I’m new to this (I’ve been an atheist for 20+ years, but am new to the “movement,”), I was really getting into this. Then, all of a sudden, it’s like atheism was hijacked and turned into something completely different. I don’t want this. Some of their goals are fine and dandy, but this isn’t a “third wave” of atheism, as Jen McCreight put it. Atheism really has nothing to do with it. *sighs* I could go on and on…

  2. I’m pretty confident its already a fail– if you look at what they were hoping for… which I expect was to be hailed as the great unifying idea between disbelief and social justice. To turn a movement that revolves around making it ok to not believe in a god into a movement that stands for believing in something good— in their opinion. I like to think they had lofty goals. However part of me thinks they wanted to form their own club and easier than starting your own movement is to attempt to pull from an already established. But anyway, that wasn’t the question. I think in some form it will continue. A small hearty band who believe they are on to something. Do I think it will ever achieve broad reaching acceptance. Nope.

    Most people that want to do good will continue to do good, because its the right thing to do, not because a movement tells them to.

    • Agreed, 100%. The people who fashioned this idea have lost so much credibility in the atheist community, that I suspect it will wane into near oblivion. They took a well-meaning idea and completely ruined it. It’s like a few low-level restaurant cooks plotted opening their own restaurant for months, without any knowledge of how to operate a restaurant. Then they opened it one day on a whim, without any menus, food, tables, or wait staff.

    • Seriously, the only problem with the way they started their group was that they tried to add a world view to atheism. Though the number of ‘nones’ or atheists or non-believers is growing, we do NOT share a common world view. They started a group that was exclusionary by its very definition and then claimed they had not while proving that they had.
      The plank statements excluded any who do not positively support militant feminist views. If the third wave is meant to be like the tide going out.. maybe she was right?

      • Yeah, it’s pretty ballsy to proclaim an entire new wave of atheism, and then not make it about atheism. I’m honestly trying to give A+ and FtB a chance, but there’s so much negativity, just waiting to attack anyone questioning anything. How do you get on board with that?

        In fact, I was at FtB yesterday commenting on an article, in which I disagreed with a single statement, actually a single word. I was immediately villified, sworn at repeatedly, called every name in the book. It’s like I’m being picked on in high school…by the band geeks! They hide behind a computer spitting venom and pseudo-intellectual crap. OK, now I’m just venting about those blog commenters…sorry.

      • Those venomous blog commenters are the would be followers of atheism plus. It’s worth noting how they behave as well. These are the folk that wanted to create a group sans undesirable elements… go figure

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