Open Mic Night: A Godless Future

I don’t know if I actually have enough people reading my blog to warrant a good dialogue in the comment section, but here goes –

What would life be like if there were no gods?  I don’t necessarily mean ever, just in the future.  So let’s say, hypothetically, that in 50 years, all the people on Earth stopped believing in their gods.  All of the religious texts were debunked (again) to the point where everyone gave up on religious fantasy, and all humans were sufficiently skeptical and evidence-based that everyone gave up on religious nonsense.  What would the world be like?  Would homophobia be gone?  Would the world economy drastically change?  How about unemployment?  Education?  Human rights?  Media?  Technology?  Would other supernatural or fringe concepts replace religion?  For example, would more people start believing in ghosts or the zodiac?  Would people adhere more to other social groups, to replace church?  Would the world become more humanistic?

Lend me your thoughts in the comment section, and let’s go from there!



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8 responses to “Open Mic Night: A Godless Future

  1. This is the question that the world faces if and when we find life on another planet. Why wouldn’t god tell us that he created life on another planet too? The idea that the creator god only created life here on Earth is paramount to their story; life on another planet would ruin monotheism, though they will make excuses and try to carry on believing. That would mean that your question is as valid as asking what would people do or what would life be like if we found out that santa claus was not real except that people will believe in bullshit no matter what you show them as the truth.

    I can imagine the stories they would invent if we found life on Mars .. it was how god created life here on Earth, spraying life into the solar system from a ‘starter planet’ … It’s not hard to show the creation story from the Christian bible as being complete bullshit but they still believe. Look at Answers in Genesis, the continue even though there are fewer people that believe Genesis is literally true. See them and their flood science etc. The world would continue to have religion until everyone alive is shown personally how their belief is complete bullshit. They won’t think or believe in truth until their personal bubble is burst. The fact that they believe now is evidence of this.

    • It’s an interesting question as to how the discovery of alien life would affect religion. I don’t know that it would make much of a difference. Mu thought is that most people who hold onto religion, or more specifically AiG type folks, is that their beliefs must be true to them. They cannot accept anything else. Most people are not willing to change their views on something they have been holding as true, and central to their entire lifestyle, for any reason. Like AiG, they will find the truth in anything. Ken Ham thinks a complex pulley system feds the animals on Noah’s Ark, which, of course, is completely unsubstantiated. That kind of nonsense will still continue. People will try to read alien life into the Bible, or apologize away the flaws in their book.

      • Your last statement there is exactly the reason that Christopher Hitchens was and is exactly right. Religion must be mocked, denigrated, and fought against. The weak and broken should not be the leaders of our species. No matter that this sounds like social Darwinism, it cannot be stated strongly enough that while we try to elect the best among us as leaders we must work ever more stridently to ensure that those leaders are not delusional in their beliefs about the world around us.

        Even the most meek among the believers are dangerous to society on the whole for they will support and protect the worst among them. Caustic religion cannot and must not be tolerated. There is no brand of monotheism that is not caustic and wholly superfluous to society and survival of the human species.

  2. I honestly don’t think anything would change. A good chunk of people who walk away from Religion and God settle for some other kind of hokum. Crystals, Pyramid power, Reiki, or something else. Last year I went to a one day convention for all kind of new age whodoo because I was curious what kind of people I would find there. The majority of the people I found there were not traditionally religious, allot of them fancied themselves as progressive freethinkers. When in reality those who I spoke with that had left traditional religions (which were many more than I expected) had simply bought into something else.

    So religion or not, you’ll still have at least some subset of humanity who will be uneducated, under-educated, gullible, or just down right ignorant of the proper way to evaluate claims.

    Then you have to take into account the shills and the con-men out to make a buck on cretinous people looking for a quick fix.

    • I agree completely. These people, mentally, are sheep. Weakness is weakness, regardless of what crutch you use. I do find it funny when people fancy themselves as free-thinkers, when they’re closer to conspiracy theorists.

  3. If religion disappeared because of critical thinking and scepticism then the world would change a great deal: medical research would no longer be tied up in archaic ideas enforced by religious texts, the general population would use their intelligence better (so it follows that the quality of political and moral discussion, as well as scientific research would also become better quality). That would change just about everything.

    However, if religion just disappears one day for no explicable reason and people continue to use their intelligence to the same level then you can expect no change: people will still reject things that they find scary and unusual, they just wouldn’t call on God any more.

    The only thing I don’t feel confident enough to comment on is how social gathering and communities would react: my most religious friends have made most of their friends at a Church group or related religious gathering… maybe we’d have to go back to the (perhaps better) days of having local BBQs at the community hall, and sending our kids to sports clubs etc…

    • I agree with everything you said.

      Although I think it would improve the political atmosphere in the U.S., or other democratically-based countries, religion-like corruption would still exist in third world nations. There are a lot of corrupt politicians out there, overthrowing and running nations under the guise of religion, but it’s mostly about power. See Stalin and Pol Pot. Theists commonly like to argue that these are examples of atheist regimes, but theists fail to identify that atheism is the cause of the oppression. It is not. Those people were about power. Their abolition of religion was a way to turn themselves into the religion. Look at North Korea. Sure, there’s no religion…but there really is. Those kinds of regimes would still exist, in my opinion. So instead of Sharia Law, there would be some other garbage controlling the thoughts and actions of the people.

  4. a more rational goverment , but we would still have radicalism, but from an atheist perspective

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