Why Do Atheists Care About Atheism?

I was reading the comments on a Matt Dillahunty YouTube video, looking for a good atheist argument to make, when I came across what I thought was a pretty valid question – Why do atheists even care?

In other words, if atheism is a lack of belief, why be so adamant about it?  Why put up billboards, engage in discussion, and be so outspoken about it?  What difference does it make?

Well, to me, the answer is simple; it’s important.  Even though the cause of atheism is based upon a lack of belief, there are things that atheists generally believe, and things against which it should stand out.  For example, atheism, in my opinion, promotes –

  • Free thought,
  • Rationalism,
  • Science,
  • Truth,
  • Humility about the universe and its beginnings, and
  • (most importantly)Progress.

These are things that Christianity (and most religions, in general), fight to oppress, whether they know it or not.  When a Christian’s life is built around dogma, indoctrination, and outdated and unreliable texts, progress is not possible.  How dare people think for themselves, or engage in rational thought, science, and truth, which may contradict the Bible, right?  Hell, if it wasn’t for free thought, rationalism, science, and the search for truth, what would the apologists do for a living?

A second reason why atheism is so important, is that the other side is putting up a good fight.  In America, religious leaders, PACs, and lobbyists are putting up millions of dollars to control social issues, such as abortion, birth control, and gay marriage.  The Christian right is also trying to muddy the waters of the separation of church and state.  So to say that Christians, and other faiths, just sit in their churches on Sundays and pray to their invisible Gods, without any external consequences, is absurd.  They are putting up a good fight, and it’s time we did the same, for the sake of truth, rationality, equality, and progress.




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  1. Spotted your blog today. Keep up the good work!

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