Cain’s Wife?

After a two-day power outage thanks to a wicked rainstorm, I am finally able to resume my blogging.

I’ve been re-reading the Bible. Although I am generally aware of the atrocities and inconsistencies of the Bible, the truth is that I haven’t read it in quite some time, so I wanted to see firsthand the lunacy of it all.

So I’m reading through Genesis – God creates Adam and Eve, they have two kids (Cain and Abel), Cain kills Abel, and goes on his merry way.  Then, out of nowhere, Cain magically has a wife!  of course, I’m confused, because at this point in Genesis, there are only three people on Earth – Adam, Eve, and Cain.  So where did this wife come from?

I Googled the question, and picked a sight with a pro-creation name just to see what the explanation was.  The website is copyrighted, so below is the link.  I won’t post the entire blog.

The author then tries to explain this hole in Genesis, by basically saying that Cain married his sister, niece, or grandniece  (which is mentioned LATER in Genesis, like, “Oh, by the way, there are some other kids we forgot to mention before.”).  Then the writer attempts to proactively explain away all of the following problems, such as the morality of marrying your own sister (it wasn’t outlawed until later in the Bible), or the fact that having kids with a close relative causes birth defects (God created Adam and Eve as perfect, and thus genetic mutations were not possible yet).

Then, and I quote…

Knowing this, we have great proof for creation.

Whoa, slow down there, captain.  First, your apologetic rationale for all of the flaws explaining where this wife came from are suspect at best, and not supported by the Bible or science.  But more importantly, all of those problems aside, how does ANY of this provide proof for creation?  What the author has essentially done is identify and attempt to explain away ONE problem with the Bible, and all of a sudden God created man?  Can you count how many logical fallacies the author used?  You can’t soundly get from point A to point B by making a pit stop in circular-reasoning Bible-land.  Non sequitur Facepalm.


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