A Few Disclaimers About This Blog

Before I pen any more blogs, I’d like to clarify a few things regarding the assumptions I make in my blogs, and a few other items of note –

  1. I don’t assume that God is a “He.”  Even a lot of atheists refer to God as  “him,” which I consider presumptuous and unfounded.  I believe that religion, in part, attempts to subjugate women; therefore, when the concept of the Christian God was devised, God was made a man (creating man first, then woman from man) as a system of control for men to subjugate women.  Furthermore, simply from a logical perspective, why would God even need a gender?  A God has no need for genitalia, as God is omnipotent.  Although I may slip up from time-to-time out of habit, I try to refer to God as “it,” or just “God.”
  2. I try not to make generalizations about religion, atheists, or anything else.  I’m sure I will from time to time, but I try to use words like “generally,” “usually,” and “often” to indicate that I am not making absolute statements, as they are rarely true.
  3. I try not to state opinions as facts.  That’s a Christian’s job. 🙂
  4. When I refer to God, I generally think of God in the traditional Christian sense – ethereal, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, jealous, genocidal, all that jazz.
  5. I have a bias towards arguing against Christianity, because I live in the United States, where most people are Christians.  (Note: This is NOT a “Christian Nation.”)  My knowledge of the world’s other major religions is limited, but I am learning.  I have not read their sacred texts, but I can still argue over the major flaws of theism without having to read a magic book.
  6. This blog is solely about atheism.  Do not make assumptions about my other beliefs.  You may be surprised.  I think most atheists tend to get pigeon-holed into certain other beliefs, and I likely do not fit that mold.  Assume nothing.

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