Ten Questions for a Christian

For those of you who are Christians, I have ten questions to ask.  OK, it’s really more than ten, but I think these are pretty valid questions.  You see, I don’t really understand why people cling to religion, when it is based on faith, not facts.  These questions apply to all religions.  Just insert your “God” or your “text” in place of God or the Bible.


  1. Are you the same religion as your parents?  How has that influenced your choice of religions?
  2. When did you first become religious?  At what age?  Have you, at any age, taken it upon yourself to question what you have been taught and seek the truth for yourself?  If so, what were your conclusions?
  3. Have you explored other religions (e.g., Islam, Judaism, eastern religions, dead religions)?  Have you read the Talmud, Qu’uran, Book of Mormon, or other religious texts?  If so, what drew you to your religion?
  4. Have you independently read the Old and New Testaments, cover to cover?
  5. Do you represent your religion as fact or belief?  If you believe your religion is a fact, how do you define fact?
  6. What evidence do you have that the Bible is correct?  What evidence do you have to prove the existence of God?
  7. Why do you believe that your idea of God is the correct one?  Why isn’t Yahweh, Allah, Zeus, or others your God?  (Granted, the Christian God, Yahweh, and Allah are all technically the same God, but each religion sees God a little differently)
  8. Why do you believe that Christianity is the correct religion, and how do you dismiss that others are incorrect?
  9. How do you reconcile the discrepancies within the Old Testament (OT) and New Testament (NT), the atrocities contained therein, and the fact that scientific evidence does not support any of the stories within these texts (e.g., no scientific/archaeological evidence supporting a great flood)?
  10. Have you studied science?  Do you understand the scientific method?  Have you studied evolution and abiogenesis? Do you dismiss these theories in favor of the Bible?  If so, why?

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